• K.G. Easo’s Birth

    September 10, 1945

    K.G. Easo was born as a first born to late G. Oonnooni and Aleyamma (Kochunnooni-Chinnamma) couple of Kalackattu house in Aranootimangalam, Mavelikkara, India on 10th September, 1945.

  • K.G. Easo received Christ as his personal Savior in an open air meeting

    Year 1956

    When K.G. Easo was only 12 year old, he went to nearby market to buy fish and vegetables for his home. There he was privileged to listen about Jesus Christ through an open air preaching by a missionary. He accepted Jesus as his Savior.

  • K.G. Easo reached North India in search of a job

    June 20, 1965

    On June 20, 1965 K.G. Easo reached North India in search of a job.

  • Beginning of the ministry

    Year 1965

    K.G. Easo could not find a single Christian out of 4,562 villages of his working area. That touched his heart, he prayed to God that he doesn’t know any North Indian languages, having no money, has no personality, so he was willing to go back to Kerala, which is 2500 kilometers away from there. But the Holy Spirit told him that he has to work there for the Lord. Then he bought the Gospel and Christian Literature from his first pay check and began to distribute them to his friends, neighbors, streets and villagers. God enabled him to save many people through his personal evangelism ( like visiting homes, friends, fasting prayer, preaching the Gospel, praying for sicks, helping needy people, etc.).

  • K.G. Easo marries Annamma

    June 22, 1972

    Their marriage was held on 22nd June,1972 at IPC church at Aranootimangalam, Kerala, India.

  • Inception of Soul Winners India

    September, 1989

    In September 1989, K.G. Easo had a scooter(motor-bike) accident which left his hand badly mangled. The doctors wanted to amputate but K.G. refused and took this injury to Jesus. During the next 5 months he was on bed and prayed to God that he wanted 2 full hands, during this time he wrote a tract named Muft ilaz ( free treatment ).

    SWI’s first missionary with K.G. Easo in 1990

    He promised to God that if God will give him 2 full hands he will tell about Jesus in all the 5000 apartments where he was living. A widow lady visited him and began to prophesy to him that God is going to use him for a big mission work and she helped him by giving money to print this tract. God heard his prayers and healed him with 2 full hands, as he promised to God he visited 5000 apartments with this Gospel. Only one man accepted Jesus as His Savior, and he became the first missionary of Soul Winners India ministry. Brother Easo asked his son to give his cycle to this man and bought some grocery to his family. They began to start the village evangelism. When they reached at the 30th village, again another 80 year old widow lady, who accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and healer, gave money for buying a bicycle and printing more tracts. Thus ministry of Soul Winners India started with the help of 2 widows in 1992.

  • K.G. Easo visits USA for the first time

    May, 1995

    K.G. Easo with Bill Armstrong
  • Construction of Bible School building at Barwaha

     Year- 1995

  • First Batch of Bible School students arrive at Barwaha

    January, 1996

    In January 1996, eighteen students from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Orissa came for theological  study at Barwaha.