One of the effective evangelistic methodology adopted by Soul Winners India to impact the people of India with the gospel of Jesus Christ, is to plant new Churches through out the unreached areas in the country. As the number of disciples multiplies by the spreading of gospel, it is necessary to establish spiritually vibrant and dynamically reproducing churches located in strategically important places.

The purpose of this ministry by Soul Winners India is to reach new generations and new people groups with the Word of God and establish congregations with strong traditional values with Biblical foundation. These new churches are also a field to surface efficient and strong spiritual leaders with deep gospel orientation.

SWI adopts a very practical and effective method for spreading the Gospel and planting Churches. Winning souls for Christ by reflecting the love and care showed by Jesus proves to be an effective and successful strategy for Gospel for India over the past years. SWI has trained and placed over 500 missionaries in different parts of the country for the sole purpose of reaching the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of these missionaries, though struggling for their basic needs, travel 15 to 20 miles daily to share the Gospel with Villagers.