We invite teams to come and serve on short term mission trip to our campus.

We welcome you and your team to come, we have been praying for many to come, it’s time to come and see first-hand what you are invested in.

We will provide all the accommodations for you and team while you are with us on campus.

Soul Winners India can help you get to the front lines of the Gospel advance – and even provide you with opportunities to serve and share directly with people in villages.  Our team at the North American office can help you plan a trip that fits your family, church or corporate budget, works with your schedule and matches your passions to make an eternal difference.

SWI will help with the Visa application process, coordinate your in-country accommodations on the Madhya Pradesh campus of SWI’s headquarters and provide indigenous translators and guides for the duration of your trip.

For more information about traveling to India, email us.

If any of the team prefer to stay in a hotel, we will make the arrangements for them and they will pay the hotel directly, hotel rooms are around USD $100.00 per night.

You and team will need to pay for your flights, the flights are approximately USD $1,200.00 to $1600.00 per person +/-, we will help you on getting the best route to come and give you recommendations on a best fares if you need. You will need spending money to buy gifts for family, etc.

You will have many ministry opportunities each day, based on your area of gifting, we will go to the village church plants, preach, teach, drama, music ministry, pray for the sick, teach in our Seminary, teach in our school or children home, if any wants to work on the farm, or kitchen, go on a medical camps with our doctor and team, work on any building maintenance, so many areas of ministry. We will have a schedule for the team each day. Depending on the size of the team you will be bringing, we may split into two groups.

We are looking for visiting faculty to come and teach in our seminary for two week, our Principal can give you the class topic or if you have a special topic you would like to teach the Principal can work with you on this.

Most on the campus, can speak English, the seminary is fully English, the school children all in English, and outside our campus in the villages we will have translation. We have around 40 students living on campus in Seminary, we have 50 plus in our children’s home living on campus, we have around 25 staff. We have around 400 children who are bused in from the villages each day on campus, so we have around 500+ on campus each day.

We look forward to seeing you in the field in the future!

Please contact us for the details.