$1500 each tube well

Water wells



When people in America are asked, “What is the most valuable commodity on earth?” The most common response is gold. Yet in truth, for hundreds of millions across the globe, the thing they need most is something we usually take for granted.

Water is the key to life. We use it in drinking, cooking and cleaning. Without water we would die. It is that simple! In the United States finding safe water often require only a trip to the kitchen where we open and it flows out. Yet in so many places SWI serves, finding safe water is more difficult than finding gold.

15 years ago, SWI drilled a deep water well in one of the villages in India. Until this well was completed, women carried huge containers on their backs and walked for miles just to get enough water to care for their families for one week. Now hundreds simply walk a few steps to the well to have access to more water than they could use in a lifetime. This well has not just improved lives, it gave us a foothold into the community; and thanks to this gift of water, and many precious people have come to know the Lord.

We continue to provide and expand this vital mission today. Currently we are looking for donors who will help bring safe water to the many places where we work. We have a list of projects that can be either drilled or dug as soon as we receive donations.