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Hannah’s Hope Children Home Repair Works



SWI has been caring for about 40 children in this building. These children are the combination of true orphans, children with one parent who cannot care for them, children who have been abandoned, and children from very impoverished tribal families. The Children Home is next door to the SWI school. And SWI staff and families live on site to watch over these children and to ensure they get the support, care and spiritual guidance they need to succeed.

The second floor of this Children Home is being used by children for both living and for studies. They are also meeting daily in a beautiful chapel that is completely furnished. This Children’s Home building is in need of repair. It will cost us $10,000 to complete the repair work. Please contribute towards this project so we may assure a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for our kids in Hannah’s Hope Children’s home.

You can make your gift in any amount. Consider a gift at a multiple of $10.