Have you ever wondered how a seemingly small or little occurrence can have a surprisingly big consequence? Think about some still water that if you drop or throw a pebble into it, it will then have a ripple effect, you will see that how in this pond the ripples will work through their way outward in concentric circles that seem to go on and on.

In a similar way God loves to take small, ordinary and surprising people and accomplish huge things for His glory. If you go through the entire Bible, if you look through all of the history, God has sent ripples of His glory and His power through the whole world, as people like you and me have learned that their dreams and prayers can grow as big as God we love. Never ever underestimate the power of a single prayer. God can do anything through anyone, who circles his or her dreams with bold prayers. If you keep praying you will keep dreaming, and equally the more you dream the more you need to pray. Because dreaming is like form of praying and the praying is like form of dreaming. The more you pray the bigger your dreams will become. To define a big dream is something that is bigger than you, larger than you, beyond your human ability to accomplish. How many of you have dreams?

Bible is filled with the examples of people who risk looking foolish for sake of following God’s plan for their lives. Noah built an ark for 100 years and did so in a dessert, Abraham left his home to pursue the dream- the promise of a land greater than him. The Israelite army who came to the city of Jericho, circled around or marched around the wall of Jericho before blowing their trumpets. David the shepherd boy faced a giant in the middle of a battle and all he had was a slingshot and a pocket full of small stones. Peter got out of the boat when Jesus called him, in the midst of a storm. The list goes on and on. My question for you is- what we might miss if we decide to play it safe and never take a chance for God because we don’t want to look foolish.

                  Daniel Easo

Many years ago, my father, late Dr. K.G. Easo found out that there was not even a single Christian or church in the district where he was working. He started this ministry with an aim to reach every person of that district with the Gospel. He started this ministry with one native pastor with him. Today we have work in many districts and many states of India, Nepal and Bhutan. Now we have over 500 native pastors that we support. My dream is to see it double. I have no idea how we will make it, but I am willing to take the risk. I am willing to see the mission continue to grow and move on. The bigger the risk the greater the payout. Moses learned this lesson well, if you don’t take the risk, you forfeit the miracle. If you don’t launch out, you won’t get there. He had to felt foolish going before the great Pharaoh saying, give us all your work labor, set the Israelite free. Drawing prayer circles often feels foolish. The bigger the circle you draw the more foolish you feel. But if you are not willing to step out of the boat like Peter, you are never going to walk on water. If you aren’t willing to circle the city like the Israelite did around Jericho, the walls will never fall. And if you aren’t willing to leave home to follow the star that the Magi did then you will miss out the greatest adventure of your life.

Now in order to experience a miracle you must take risk. The most difficult types of risk to take is risking your reputation. What are others going to think of me? What will others say? Remember, the woman with the issue of blood, she had used all her money on doctors to try and make herself better. But now she had nothing. Jewish society said that she was an unclean woman pushing through, yet she said, I don’t care what my reputation is, I am risking it all to meet my Savior, I will push through. The greatest chapter in history always begin with risk and the same is true with the chapter of your life. If you are unwilling to risk your reputation you will never ever build a boat like Noah or get out of the boat like Peter. You cannot build God’s reputation if you aren’t willing to risk yours.

The Israelite were complaining that instead of manna they wanted meat to eat. Moses took people’s complaint to God and God told Moses that He will provide meat for people for a month. Moses went out and told people that they will receive meat for a month. Meat for a month seems like an impossible promise and Moses has to decide whether or not he is going to circle it. Logic is screaming- no, you are in the wilderness, quail only go around where there is water, you are 50 miles away from any body of water. Logic is screaming no but faith is whispering yes, and Moses has to choose between the two. One defining moment can totally change the forecast of your life. The quail promise was one of those defining moments for Moses. He had a decision he had to make to circle or not to circle. What do you do when the will of God doesn’t add up? What do you do when a dream doesn’t seem to be logical? What do you do with the promise that seems impossible? What do you do when faith seem foolish? It often seems like circling the promises of God is risky. Let me tell you that it is not as risky as not circling them. The greatest risk is failing to circle the promises of God because we forfeit the miracles God wants to perform.

Last year at one point it seemed impossible for us to raise the needed fund for the ministry, but God opened the doors and provided miraculously. God made it possible which seemed impossible to us. Is there a limit to God’s power?

Moses was feeling foolish now promising meat not even for a day but for a month for the entire nation of Israel, right in the middle of dessert but His willingness to look foolish resulted in extraordinary miracles. In the dessert of Paran, where they were nowhere near to water, where quails tend to live, a crazy westward wind came in and from the sky came quail die bombing in. It was like a quail blizzard, once the quail stop falling the Israelites started gathering, some estimate that approximately one hundred million quail came through there that day. Moses never could have anticipated that answer to prayer, it was unheard of, but Moses had the guts to circulate anyways. When you circle the promise, you never know how God will provide but it will take place. Your job is not to crunch the numbers and make sure that the will of God adds up, your job is to do the circling and God will do the multiply, He will provide.

Before these quail storm appeared, God asked Moses an extremely important question. Now, your answer to this question will determine the size of your prayer circles. “Is there a limit to my power?” (Numbers 11:23). The obvious answer to that question is no, but so many of us tragically pray as if our problems are bigger than God. God is infinitely bigger than your biggest problems, greater than your past fears, greater than your current obstacles, and greater than your past failures. Have you answered the question? There are only two options, yes or no. Until you come to the conviction that God’s power has no limits you will continue to draw small prayer circles but once you embrace the omnipotence of God you will draw ever growing circles around God given God sized dreams.

We need to expand our understanding of God and let our prayers and our dreams grow larger and larger. God sized dreams can seem impossible, foolish and shocking. The size of prayers depends upon the size of our God and if God knows no limit then neither should our prayers. Is there a limit to God’s power?