In March 2017, around 70 students from our 3 Bible Schools graduated. Jesus had multitudes that followed Him, and He was glad to teach them about the kingdom of God. However, when it came to training His future apostles, He chose a small number of students and a very intimate classroom setting.

The Twelve lived with Him under one roof, traveled wherever He went, attended every meeting and prayer session, listened to His preaching and teaching, and observed all He was doing. In addition, they had private lessons apart from the crowd where they were free to ask questions and receive more detailed instructions. The whole objective of their training was to become like their Teacher.

Since their number was small, none could hide from his Teacher—not even Judas. Jesus knew everyone’s character, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their trust in God. He could monitor their progress, immediately correct their behavior and give them personalized attention as needed.

Jesus’ teaching method produced disciples who resembled their Master in everything. It prepared them to take the Gospel to the ends of the world.

Did you know that SWI has 3 Bible Schools, patterned after this New Testament model? With 20 to 25 students, each school is led by experienced pastors whose church-planting ministries are fruitful and whose lives and faithfulness to Christ are worthy to be followed.

The students live with these pastors in a family setting and accompany them during church and outreach ministry. From their example, they learn how to walk with the Lord and serve Him, by observing as well as participating.

And since the classroom studies are identical to those of large Bible schools, several qualified teachers are assigned to each Bible school to assist this part of the training.

Why start more Bible schools?

— There is an urgent need for thousands of new workers. Small Bible schools can be set up quickly and almost anywhere for as little as $1000 per month.

— The small setting is perfect for students from all backgrounds, who have little or no idea how Christian ethics and values are lived out in daily life. These students are personally discipled by the pastors while they study God’s Word, learn how to share their faith boldly and win souls for Jesus.

— The program has been very successful in giving students a solid foundation.

This year, SWI wants to open more small Bible schools across India. We are excited by the wonderful results of this New Testament model of training. Our hearts are burdened to expand this concept to many new mission fields in India.

Today, would you please take time to seek the Lord on behalf of this opportunity and, as He directs you, help us with a generous gift to open one or more home Bible schools in India?

No doubt your investment will produce dedicated and effective native missionaries who are able to win thousands to Christ and plant strong churches.